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Vitamin D injections

  • 15 min
  • 35 British pounds
  • Rudyngfield Drive|Location 1

Service Description

Vitamin D has long been known to help build strong bones by increasing the body's absorption of two essential nutrients - calcium and phosphorous. It is now widely recognised that sufficient levels have a much broader range of benefits for the body, from increased energy levels to facilitating immune system function. Deficiencies in Vitamin D have been found to contribute to other illnesses. Many people take oral Vitamin D supplements to give themselves a boost, particularly in autumn and winter, but a Vitamin D injection is even more powerful as it bypasses the gut for maximum absorption. Going straight to your bloodstream, this booster will counteract the lack of sunshine with a mega dose of this essential nutrient, along with essential vitamins and minerals. Benefits of Vitamin D Injections: Boosts energy levels Boosts immune system and fights infection Helps to fight stress and tiredness Encourages healthy muscles Strengthens bones by helping the body to absorb calcium Protects the body against illness and disease Can boost mood and alleviate symptoms linked to depression

Contact Details

  • Rudyngfield Drive, Birmingham, UK

  • Birmingham B33, UK

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